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Readers Respond: What symptoms led to your OCD diagnosis?

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Updated July 08, 2009

To Katy OCD

You do have OCD. Everyone has different types of OCD. I also count certain things or I am messed up for the rest of the day as well. My counting habit came about with confusion. When I count things like washing my silverware I count them as I wash them only because I am bored standing there washing and it is something to do. Try focusing on something you would really like, want, or need. Like daydreaming and you will break that habit of counting anything. This is what I have practiced and it takes time to do it but it helps. When I daydream I think of Jesus which is my preference not telling you to think that but think of something that makes you happy and it will work in do time. I know because I have proved it already but there are other ways to try. If this doesn't work just feel free to email me and I will tell you other options. padieking@gmail.com. I would like to help you.

Ghosts and Numbers

I'm 13. I can't do anything an odd amount of times. If I eat M&M's, I have to eat an even number of them and have the same amount on each side of my mouth. When chewing gum, I tear the piece in half. I have to have an equal amount of gum on each side. When I'm home alone, everytime I hear a noise I always think it's a ghost or someone in my house. I imagine weird things happening. People have been joking about my weird even number thing and say I have OCD. I'm not sure. Any help? The number thing goes for everything, also. If I scratch my right hand, I have to scratch my left hand in the same spot or I feel screwed up the rest of the day. It's starting to creep me out a little.
—Guest Katy


Hello Marie, I have the same problems as you do as well. I have been washing my hands for a long time and it has done nothing to my hands so keep washing. I wash my hands all the time non-stop. The door checking and things like that is just anxiety. When I do it I feel I haven't done it yet so I double check myself or if I think someone esle has opened the door but I have to do it or I will not be able to sleep. I have other problems with germs. I have to have clean socks or clean feet before I put my legs into pants. Everything has to be organized like cans, books, or dishes etc. I also have to make lists for everything like a list for cleaning, shopping, what else I have to do, or notes when reading. My problem is writing and then rewriting them if it's not neat. There is more but not enough character space to type it. Feel free to wash your hands as much as possible. It keeps the germs away lol.

Possible OCD symptoms?

After reading quite a bit of these I think I may have OCD but, I'm still unsure. When watching T.V the volume NEEDS to be divisible by five, and when putting on deodorant I put exactly thirty strokes per arm. Also, I can't use public or communal bathrooms bacause I'm worried I will contract some sort of disease. I also avoid touching certain things, like some door knobs and hands of people I don't know. I also have the habbit of using hand sanitizer (repeatedly) when uneccessary. This has driven myself and others around me to the brink of insanity, and I am looking for some sort of diagnosis.
—Guest Vincent


Hi, I'm just kind of looking for other people who are going through what I'm going through. I wash my hands more than what is normal (people have mentioned I wash my hands way too much...and I have this weird habit of touching the door handle and checking the lock like at least three times, sometimes five times before I leave the house. I also have to check in my purse that I have my keyes like at least 20 times before I leave the house. I'm sure I have OCD. But what can I do about it?

fed up of it

i am really fed up i want to be normal have a routine instead of sitting with my children and reading them a book i dont i come home from work reach for the bleach and clean every where if i dont i feel guilty like i have done something wrong if some thing in my house doesnt look right i stand for hours arranging it,i am sick of when something goes wrong i think the worse or when i get an idea in my head i have to follow it through and try it whether its dangerous i dont think twice i have awful thoughts and they dnt go away i am 26 and am very anxious person i worry even if i have no need to i am obssesive over my own things and children but i get very aggressive towards people even if there been nice its now controlling my life the cleaning is a big factor and co-ordination and the cleaning of the hands i cant sit still i have to be using my hands constantly its my mum who noticed the condition watching me closley from teenager to adult hood moving from home to my own house scarey!!
—Guest maz

Do I have it?

I have been suffering from mental health nearly my entire life. I had selective mutism at age 5. I began having obsessions in elementary school- notably the Spice Girls in 4th grade. (Kids called me Spice Freak.) I got trichotillomania (pulling out of one's hair) in jr. high. I went on to thread-pulling on my sleaves, then binge eatting. I am now 23, and feel like everything keeps building on itself. My trich has come back off and on since I was 14. I now have dermatillomania (picking of one's skin), and I have odd phobias such as falling down the stairs or getting in a fatal car crash on the highway. I live in a fantacy world, always making up characters in my head constantly developing their lives. I don't believe I am these characters or anything- I just think about them. I feel like I am going insane. :(
—Guest Chels

I'm a lifer...

My story is too long to share, but I am 50 years old this year. It goes back to my earliest years, but most memorably when I was possibly around 10 or 11 years old, I remember being a major daydreamer. My report cards continually indicated that by the teacher's comments. I have a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, and plenty of focus/memory issues to go along with it OCD. I am a perfectionist, as well. I also know that I have had several years of depression, mostly recently, and not as much noticeable before then. I am absolutely convinced that I have a personality disorder, so I spent a couple of years studying all kinds of things about my strange perspective on everything. I try to be as normal as possible (whatever normal is) because I have grown weary of saying things impulsively that offend others, when I am simply sharing my opinion. So, I speak much less than I used to. Other symptoms and issues., but in summary, I count many things, check, avoid stressors, and have anxiety!!!!.

i dont no if i have ocd ?

well i have a fear of feet i shake if someone comes near me with them of if someone even in the same room has their shoes off. if someon touches me with their feet i cry and then go and scrub where they have touched me with them like something takes over like i scrub till i am red raw i just dont no what to do any ideas??? i really think i need help
—Guest nicola

Things must be perfect

Everything has to be "in its place." I have everything on my dresser in order and in its place and facing the correct way. If I notice that something is backwards or not facing the correct way, I will get up out of bed to fix it. Also when i write a letter, if I mess up one thing, I will rewrite, no matter how many times I need to in order to have no mistakes.
—Guest Nita


I'm still not sure if I have OCD but I can completely relate to the responses of everyone here. Everything on a piece of paper must be perfect, there can be no smudges, it can't be messy, so I will sometimes rewrite whole pages of notes for school in order for it to be perfect. I've already reread this response half a dozen times to check for mistakes. I always think about the worst possible thing that could happen in a scenario, especially my mom dying, which I hate to admit I think about a lot. I have to sleep with a light on, not a night light, but an actual lamp and I'm 18 years old!!!Otherwise I won't be able to sleep. I constantly pick my hair, neck, back, and ears, which most look strange. According to my mom though, I'm just odd but not OCD. I just don't know.
—Guest Annie

Music in my head

I was diagnosed with OCD by a psychologist in 2009. I am now 46 years old. It is an allusive form of the disease, because while my friends and I have often joked about me being OCD, there was never any obvious "compulsion" only "obsessions." But I had to report to the psychologist periods in which every day I feel my mind is trying to stage a disaster. When I'm driving I imagine getting hit by another car when I change lanes. When I'm starting the car I imagine it blowing up. When I hear a loud noise in the house I imagine a loved one falling down the stairs. Sometimes the imagined stories are far more complex, and I'll find myself transfixed for a few minutes thinking through some horrid scenario involving disaster, wherein either I'm the victim or my family is. Or it's a confrontation with a foe. These thoughts came sometimes without warning. The psychologist proved and discovered my compulsion. I have music in my head, almost all the time. I thought it was normal all these years.
—Guest CSH

What symptoms led to your OCD diagnosis?

I can't hold a baby because I'm so scared I'm gonna drop it. If I focus on something too much I get nauseas. I can't breathe in a messy room. I can't watch horror movies because the faces will stay in my mind and I can't sleep. Sometimes I can't be in a room by myself because I'm scared there's a ghost watching me. When I was little if I patted my leg 3 times I had to pat the other leg. but that went away. It seems like I might not have OCD because my symptoms aren't the classic ones, but I think I do
—Guest rachel


hey guys, this really opened up my eyes. I have experienced scrupulosity, cleaning, sex driven ocd (which I just found out while reading on this site) and plagariasm ocd as well. I have kind of gone thru almost all the subtype including germs except counting, oh wait, i have to check that. I just want to say you guys made me feel better, and I hope everyone finds what they need to feel better.


I have struggled with OCD for as long as I can remember. I just didn't know what it was called. I have been obsessed with the number 4 all of my life. Also I count EVERYTHING even a dozen eggs that I know has 12 eggs. I still count them! I also check things constantly. I have to check the knobs on the gas stove to make sure they're off, check the refrigerator to make sure it's closed, make sure the ceiling fans are off etc. I'm always afraid I will cause a fire that will destroy my home. I worry about messing up. When I mail a letter, I double check everything....address, stamp, sealed, address, stamp, sealed....ugh!!!!!
—Guest grinchie

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