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OCD and Eating Disorders

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Research suggests that OCD and eating disorders commonly occur together. Over 60% of people with eating disorders have anxiety disorders; 41% have OCD and 20% have social anxiety. For successful treatment, those with eating disorder often require treatment for anxiety, also. ERP, Exposure and Response Prevention, is successful for many with OCD and ED.

OCD and Eating Disorders
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Spotlight10

OCD: Is Hoarding a Type of OCD?

Is Hoarding a Type of OCD or a separate disorder? Changes in the DSM-V raise as many questions as answers. LuAnn Pierce, LCSW discussed the issues.

Hoarding: Is it OCD?

OCD and Hoarding

DBT Skills for OCD: An Alternative Treatment


OCD: DBT Skills

For those who do not respond to ERP treatment for OCD, other options are necessary. DBT skills training may offer hope, in addition to medication as prescribed.

Help for Coexisting OCD and Depression

OCD and Depression often occur together. Treatment for these two conditions can be complicated by severity of depression and related trauma. Therapy is based on specific needs.

When OCD and Depression Require Treatment

Effective Treatment for OCD and Depression

OCD: Disability in the Workplace

OCD in the Workplace

OCD on the Job

OCD is considered a disability for those whose symptoms limit their ability to function in one or more areas. The ADA offers legal protection when OCD affects job performance.


OCD and ADHD are often confused and sometimes co-exist. Similarities can result in misdiagnosis and serious problems in some cases when treated improperly.

Strange Bedfellws: OCD and ADHD


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