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Readers Respond: What Are Your OCD Symptoms and How Do You Deal With Them?

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Updated May 29, 2009


ever since i was little, at random points i would touch something with one body part, and want to do it the exact same way with the same body part, but on the other(right hand, left hand type thing). i asked my mom about it and she said she had the same thing when she was younger and grew out of it. im now 14 and it seems like it happens less often, but i still want to know what it's specifically called...
—Guest mary


I have just decided to look up my problems and have came to the conclusion that I have some type of OCD. Most of my day is spent normally, though I tend to have bad thoughts if I don't do something. When I am driving, I will convince myself that I have to take the longer way or else something bad will happen to someone in my life. I also do not use the first of anything each time I use it and it causes me to waste a lot of my products. Random things pop into my head daily that I have to do some sort of odd thing or something will happen. I also knock on wood or my forehead constantly when thinking of bad things. This is taking over my life and I do not know what to do! I am sick of thinking of people getting hurt or other things bad happening as a result of me doing something
—Guest Mcp

Every Freakin Symptom!!!!

I'm only 15, but I have many weird symptoms of OCD. First of all, I can't touch ANYTHING my sister has touched, I can't wear anything my sister has worn, I can't even sit in the same spot she's sat in! And I do EVERYTHING in either 4's, 8's, 10's or 20's. Even numbers. I feel if I don't do things evenly it's bad luck or something bad will happen. I don't know why, but I often have disgusting and disturbing thoughts. VERY bad thoughts. I think of suicide more times a day than it is possible for human beings to think about. I have to constantly wash or disinfect my hands at school and public places because of my fear of bacteria and germs people before me may have had while using things. I don't know what's wrong with me. My dad had OCD but none of the symptoms he had were ones that I have. I know I HAVE TO GET OVER THIS if I wanna live a happy productive life. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest Corrie

This is annoying

Okay so if I touch something with one hand i have to touch the same thing with the other hand and if i dont i have to shake my hands The hand shaking thing is recent but i have had the touching thing for a while now Also i can't step on cracks or i get really annoyed and i have to count to five I also feel an urge to press the ok button on my phone really hard i feel like i will push someone down the stairs and it feels so real it's as if i will really do it Im twelve and my mum doesnt believe me
—Guest Becky

wow eye opener

My husband and friends have always teased me and said the I'm OCD. I've never been diagnosed but after reading this I too suffer from many of the same issues. Symmetry has always been an issue for me BAD. Also, I never feel like I am clean enough or my personal environment is clean enough. Its almost like I can see or feel the uncleanliness in a room no matter how much I clean. I can only perform chores and tasks one way and in one order no matter how long it takes me... I have 4 small children and I feel like I am taking so much of their youth from them by spending most of my time cleaning and obsessing over every little thing being perfect. It bothers me so bad that I literally can't sleep or think of anything but what needs to be done. So many thing bother me.... sometimes I just don't ever want to wake up
—Guest *sad*

being stuck

i have meant have ocd were i keep thinking the same thing over in my mind and think my mind is stuck on my ilness thats all i think about cant get it out of my head even wen am doing things does anyone no if this is ocd
—Guest jane


during my work, I always will keep repeating what I have do, I really afraid what i do wrong... I really give up on my ocd since I was 16...
—Guest ben


all symptoms what is above. High anxiety, panick attaks , obsessed about looks , social phobia.
—Guest murryilona@hotmail.com

OCD is treatable!

I am saddened to read so many responses to this post from people who either aren't sure what's going on with them or have OCD but aren't getting treatment. You are all suffering needlessly as OCD is a treatable disorder. Please find a therapist who specializes in OCD (The IOCDF is a good place to start or my blog also has tips: www.ocdtalk.wordpress.com). The therapist will get you started on Exposure Response Prevention Therapy so you can put OCD behind you and start enjoying your lives.

God Helped Me

Hi, I am 15 and i have the type of ocd where you are overly hard on yourself, called scrupulosity. It started with excessive praying and other stuff. I always felt like everything was wrong and my life was not very enjoyable. However through therapy i have almost totally gotten ridden of my symptoms. I hoghly reccomend therapy to everybody with ocd. At first it was very uncomfortable and I felt that what I was doing was wrong but now I realize that I still overcame scrupolocity without doing what some books on ocd reccommend. For example I read in one book to overcome sexual thoughts you had to watch pornography. WHAT A LIE!! It isn't true. Through my experience I have grown closer to God and have become reliant on him for all my needs. I know that He helped me through this and that he has everything under control. I don't have to feel anxious about anything. Just trust him and cast your cares upon him.
—Guest Anonymous

Touching evenly

I just saw Aviator a movie about Hughes, and realized my weirdness is OCD. Since i was young, everything that would touch one side of my body, i had to touch on the other side, and sometimes i would go back and forth until it was "even". Even today, i have a cut from a sharp rock on my toe, and I am continuously touching the same spot on my other foot in order to even it out. I tell my mind to stop doing it, but i physically feel the throbbing in the other side of my body until i touch it. The most sensitive are my hands and feet, and stepping on a crack in the road requires me to step on the next crack with the same part on my other foot. And sometimes i miss! errr! you can imagine how this affects my fingers while typine ;(
—Guest MoDiz

my OCD experience

Okay, so if I do something with one hand, I HAVE TO do it with the other hand NO EXCEPTIONS! & I even count while doing it. for example: If I simply scratch my left eyebrow with my index and middle finger 3 times to the left, I HAVE TO scratch my right eyebrow with my index and middle finger 3 times to the right. That's just how I am. Another thing I do is with numbers. If I am listening to my radio/ipod/watching tv/whatever it may be, & I choose to turn the volume up or down the numbers have to be and even number. or ending with a 0 or 5. example: 0,2,4,5,6,8,10,12,14,15,16,18,20,22,24,25,26,28,30... etc. Sometimes if I am paying attention to it, I will blink in two's. If I don't think about it, I won't do it. I also calibrate my eyes. If I feel that I have looked to the left far too long, I will try to look to the right for the exact same amount of time. I try to look straight as much as I can The hand thing is severe when cooking. If 1 hand is wet, I MUST wet the other.
—Guest Lexy

Not exactly diagnosed, but very obvious

It started with insecurity, low self-esteem, and obsessively caring what ppl thought of me. then it got to where i wouldn't go to school, and id cut. then my sis died, started abusing drugs/alcohol. had a bad trip one night, then quit and changed my life to God. ever since that night, anxiety got worse, obsessions got worse, such as: fear of becoming schizo, fear of dying, fear of doing anything illegal or generally wrong, sexual thoughts, feeling guilty for stuff i did...compulsions?:being on this computer 24/7 looking up every possible thing wrong with me, picking scabs, popping zits, cant go to sleep if everyone falls asleep before me, which they do mostly because of my insomnia at times from worries.. cant focus in school and i hate it, i miss my sis, feel like im alone, feel detached from bf and reality, get anxiety symptoms bad..take AMORYN, seeing if it will work for me.. I pray a LOT too, i always feel guilty or gross or scared.. dad wont take me to get checked out.. help?
—Guest JJ

Learning How To Deal With OCD

I have had ocd for as long as i can remember. its been difficult dealing with it. specially having a family that doesnt understand what it is to have this condition. i try to focus on school on my child so the thoughts dont swarm and take over my life like they used to.
—Guest Lexy

Feels like a punishment

I have recently been diagonsed however ive had these intrusive thoughts and feelings for years, i never thought anyone would understand and i thought it was just a normal thing people go through then it disappears in time. It doesnt its got worse lately and i keep feeling the need to confess everything bad i may have said or could be misconstrude as bad and i feel as well as everything and anything i've done. I feel so alone sometimes, As well as this i feel the need to keep checking things like the windows are closed before i leave and the number on the remote and the car radio must be even , i feel when something is going right it will go wrong and these thoughts make me think and re created situations and add things on and i feel the need to confess these things even if maybe i havent done them just so they can be out in the open, i literally convince myself and let my mind go into turmoil worrying about things and convincing myself ive done/said these things. Its horrible!. :(
—Guest amy

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