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Readers Respond: What symptoms led to your OCD diagnosis?

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Updated July 08, 2009

From the article: OCD Symptoms
Obsessions and compulsions are the core symptoms of OCD; however, the way these symptoms are experienced can be different from one person to the next. To add to the confusion, OCD has symptoms that resemble other related illness such as hypochondriasis, body dysmorphic disorder and trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling). What symptoms led to your OCD diagnosis?

Realize folly of OCD

An obsession thought is an resistance to your conscious thought which you want to act to move on to your purpose. You suddenly realize the folly of OCD thought which you can intent on to diffuse. Remember,that as you feel sensation of an OCD and you realize it is an disorder and thus a folly,your wisdom convincingly guide you to not accept this disorder and let you intent to keep on to orderly mode.Face OCD sensations but realize its folly each time and intent to be on normal behavior.This cognitive design is worth practicing for preventing OCD overwhelming on you..Chaknop Khullar
—Guest Chaknop Khullar

Things beside the road

I have this thing in the car. When it's between two landmarks on the road, like a sign and a tree, I always bite my teeth together. I also have a thing about having metal in my mouth, I really like the feel of it. My DVDs, CDs and books are also all alphabetical. Do I have OCD?
—Guest Hattie


I have a weird thing about numbers. I also like things to end it something odd because I fear it ending in even numbers. I really, really get frustrated-like with anything even...when I have sex, I have to orgasm either once, three times or five times but never twice or four times. When I fly, all my flight numbers MUST end in an odd number...that's very, very, very important for me.
—Guest Rick

Do I have OCD?!

If my room is messy then I have to sleep somewhere else. I have to sleep on my back because I've always since I was little had a thing about that; i almost feel like I am going to get touched. I HATE it when my hair us split so I pull it off. I will NOT use public bathrooms either! Do I have OCD?!
—Guest Rebekah

I think I have ocd

I also started splitting the ends of my hair probably since high school, it's annoying me and everyone now. And also the counting thing, I have to count how many times I wash my feet, and my deodarant also has to be now the same number on each arm. I'm on anxiety and depression medicine, but I still have this. And I'm a Mom now and I try not to let my child see it. I don't want him to be like this. I don't know how it happened. And I just want it to go away. I have noticed it has progressed in some after I had back surgury. I used to clean my house all the time, but can't no more because of the surgury. But when I do dishes I noticed I am also counting how much I wash or rinse things. I just don't want to be like this no more. How do you make it stop?
—Guest jax7495


Every morning I have to put a hand full of quarters in a sock and i have to beat my kids with it. Do I have OCD?
—Guest guest

I hate bathrooms

I can't yarn in a bathroom are even walk in a bathroom with out it being clean I can't step on bathroom rugs are I get the chills I feel like I'm going to die if I touch the bathroom floor are even fall on it and it all started a few years ago Idk what is happening to me
—Guest toddnisha

OCD and no solution

I need help. I am constantly touching my hair, if I see a split end ill either pull it off or break the hair right above the end. I started doing that wham I was 11, I found several hairs with more than 20 ends and I haven't been able to stop sense. Before that I would pull my hair out of the crown of my head and before that I pulled my leg hair out. I am rubbing my hair way to often I am making it frizzy, and I cannot stop. I need help. I also am terrified of germs, and I am constantly sanitizing, and anytime I see something dusty, I have to dust it. If I don't I feel like I'm going to explode. I cant eat meat that looks not white or has bloody spots on it. I only eat chicken and turkey breast, and sometimes bacon. And its hazardous to my health now, I have recently learned I am anemic. Any suggestions on how to stop touching my hair and get over my silly obsessions?
—Guest confuzled

in the bathroom for 2 hours.

I have to wash my clothes separate from my family. I wash my hands til' they are red. I use toilet tissue alot with soft gloves while wiping. I use soap that I use for bathing constantly. My mom sees this underneath the sink and she asks why I use it.
—Guest weber

i feel all of you

Im 24, ever since I was probably 8 years old I can remember having these thoughts in my head if I didnt do this right or do this the correct amount of times somoeone in my life would die. I use to have the touch the ceiling 10 times or if I didnt get it right I would call it a "dollar ripper upper" to punish myself for not getting the perfect times right. I also had a thing called "quarter thrower atter" in my head as if I didnt complete my task that i wanted to to I would have to take a quarter and throw it out the window. Now that I am 24 I still have this stuff going on. Even though I am not religious, before bed every night I have to think of a picture in my head of everyone I love and if I dont then I feel they will die. This is not even the beggining of what I do at night time, I go through a routine to "save" my loved ones. Glad to hears similiar stories.
—Guest jbear

clean too much,

it is 3 am, and i am cleaning my fridge..just moved in to a new house 2 months ago. Pulled out the fridge to clean behind it...not done yet want to clean more
—Guest janice

I think I have OCD

Recently a lot of my friends have been saying they think I have OCD. I am 14. When I was younger I used to constantly pop my ears (like when you are landing in a plane and move your jaw to clear them) but every time my mom asked me what I was doing I would say 'nothing' (I had this feeling that if I told her something bad would happen). Everything in my room has to be perfectly in line and neat (even if there is a messy pile of clothes it must be strategically placed so it doesn't look messy). All of my books have to be in the order if the series and if I lend one to someone and a page gets folded or has a smudge on it then I get really angry. If I am with a group if people and we are all doing something similar (e.g. all wearing hats, all resting our heads on the desk or all have our sleeves rolled up) then it feels wrong and I will stop doing it (sometimes I will even take my jacket off and let myself be cold). There are mire things but I have reached the character limit. :(
—Guest Matt


i contstantly wash my hands for long periods of time now they are raw also i cant touch door handles, banisters, or shake peoples hands and especially touch anything with my hands
—Guest laura


Hahaha at first I thought "wow none of these people have OCD this is all normal human behaviour" then it dawned on me that I likely have mild OCD. Ever since I was like 8 or 9 I had to do the same thing on both sides of my body, which often took me long amounts of time to get perfect (it had to be the PRECISE same movement) and I cant help counting the number of steps I take, making sure its equal on each leg. If I step on a bump in the pavement I have to step on something that feels the same with the other leg. My friends have notice that I wash my hands an abnormal amount . Like I touch a piece of furniture and il refuse to touch any food without washing my hands. This is definitely OCD symptoms right? Also, I can't stand sustaining eye contact... Is this something other people visiting this site suffer?
—Guest Deerhoof


The TV volume for me must always be an odd number... I also have to always start getting down the stairs with my right leg first...of course I take even number of steps only(if there is no place to take the even step I march at the spot). I also have the habit of going to the toilet before I leave home..cos I fear I might end up in a place where I cant pee.. Whenever I see a square or rectangular object like a photo frame, I see all the four corners and only then I see the contents inside the frame... I also have an order of seeing certain types of objects... Also I NEVER do anything 3 times.. because if I do it 3 times I feel that it will never work or that something bad will happen to my loved ones... I have atleast one such thing for every place in the house.. In the shower I look at the shower knobs in a particular order only!!
—Guest Even Steven

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