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Readers Respond: What Are Your OCD Symptoms and How Do You Deal With Them?

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Updated May 29, 2009

I hate ocd

Hi I've had ocd sincei was about 8 all the horrible thoughts about my family.I pray in my head all day long. Lately its been bad twistingmyneck to look back at things till. I get it right people look at me like I'm crazy. Stupid disease has turned me into An alcaholic junky . I'm 33 now just wish I don't pass this on to my kids. Wish I could say some days are better than others but, you know. Can't afford therapy. Can't even geton my bed at night unlessfeet touch floor evenly. I can go on Andon. First time I try to reach out, family just gets annoyed. If anyone wants to relay stories feel free to email.
—Guest frankcee

To everyone who feels like they have OCD

listen...... okay you give glory to the disease. But remember, you have and are control over yourself. Diseases are rampant and they seek whom they want to devour but you choose who you give yourself over to. People will give you ideas to "help" but ultimately, no one will make you stop anything especially if it is something that give you temporal peace. But hey......... what do you want? I know what pain is like to say, "I own you!" AND I know what pleasure is to say, "I own you!" Hahah everyday I battle these wars within myself but guess what? I have a choice. yep... it's my choice.


She can be the most careing person in the world, but I have noticed she is devoid of any patience what so ever. She can also be very crual verbally especially after drinking. I find her very hard to be around so I stay away from her, but at the same time I feel sad that I cant have a normal relationship as a sister with her. SHE can be the closest thing to evil, yet she can be the closest thing to an angel, I am her eldest sister but I cant trust her, she could either attack me and hurt me after drinking alcohal, or even worse you cant have a conversation with her as she always tells you she does not want to know about your problems and she wont tell you hers. Will somebody out there help me please to know how to deal with her, and become a elder and close sister again. I AM TOTALLY AT A LOSS, Help


Hi'I'm 19 years old. Every since i was young cleaning was my thing..I clean 3-5 times a day, have to clean up..if i don't i will be mad when i wake up because thta's the first thing i have to do when i wake up after brushing and waschng my face-teeth.!-I am so obsessed with cleaning i have to make sure everything is in place if not i get mad.. Have to have cleaning objects-smell good cleaning supplies to clean up..Same as if i don't have that i wll be angry..! I hope soon someday i will learn that this will go away but it's hard..I can't go a day without cleaning.! it's just something i'm use to since i was young..!NEat and clean is what has to be done .If my mom clean i Clean up behind her just to make sure she did it right.!
—Guest ALatoria

losing my mind over my husband's ocd.

My husband has a ritual that he does every day. He has to mop or sweep the floor before he goes to work.Whenever I put something down he always moves it to where he feels it should go. He has mood swings and goes from happy to mad in 60 seconds. I told him he needs help but he keeps saying I am not crazy. I told him he is not crazy but he does need some kind of help. He goes through period whens when he is not speaking to either me or my dtr or his son. I am fed up with it and want to kick him out of my life if he doesn't get help. Any suggestions?
—Guest Andrea

my ocd

ok ive just moved house and ive had alot of family issues... im 13 years old and in my new house i have an attic bedroom.but i do not sleep up therebecuase it gets cold so because i play alot of computer games e.g call of duty. i have too run up and down the stairs of the attic every night this tires me out but i also have bad thought really bad thoughts like killing poeple in my famil :( it gets mee so depressed and theres like a bid side of mee in my brain telling mee to hurt poeple i hope somoene has the same feelings and not just mee
—Guest guestt

18 AND Crazy

Ok so ive been like this for ages now i have many symptoms all of the above social phobias , anxitey , anik attacks , blacking out ect ..but the worse one is th cleaning it disrupts my life so much i dont have many friends now because i wrorry that my things will be touched if i go out i have VeRY disturbing thoughts mainly of my own family witch is horrible and i dont go many days without considering suicide i cant sit on my bed onc its made witch drives me insane every time i get stressd i have to keep couffing and cant sto i have to keep touching things many times over and over , every time i enter a room i have to walk in walk out , turn the light switch on and off and i have to keep repating certain sentancs , i have to keep my hairbrush very clean and have my tv remote in a certain way and Have the tv volume on 10 , i have to always have th wIndow oen in th freezing cold withch drives my family insane .. im crazy..
—Guest Samantha


When I touch something with my hand/leg, i have to do it with the other.
—Guest Nick

my 9 yr old ocd?

my son hates change he`s 9, if i move any furniture in the house he s crying says he hates it, hates our ways, hates living in the house, all because i move a chair or sell 1. remembers things that i moved years ago and cries again. i am gentle and coax his out of it( TAKES HOURS) his father says he needs a time out for this behavior, and becomes angry, what do we do? he seems better as he gets older but upsets more intense. can we help him become a functioning adult? ( we never change anything in his room borders on hording, i sneak in at nite to remove an item or 2.
—Guest trs


Okay.. Every time I clean my room even if it's not dirty I have to make it absolutely perfect and most of the time it take 3 to 4 hours. During this all i spaz if I feel like something's Wrong or something touching me. For example say I'm sitting next to someone i cant stand if someone's "on my side" and is just barely touching me. It freaks me out. On Christmas eve I just got my nails done and I was cleaning my room stressing bout it all and I went up to the kitchen to help my mom make cookies and I guess flour got in my finger nail and for some reason I was freaking out because I just felt dirty or sick or something and I went to my room and started crying?? But to me I don't know if I have OCD, so If someone could write a post bout me "tiff" I much appreciate that Thank you
—Guest Tiff

Compulsive and Obsessive

Much like some people who have already contributed, I have problems if something touches me somewhere. I have to touch the same spot with the same amount of force with the same density as the object that touched me. I have felt like I had to do things in my childhood, like if I spun around I would have to spin around in the opposite direction too. As a kid I've also had to rub a sticker on my bedroom door before walking in. When I'm walking, and I feel one foot has stepped on more than my other foot, I have to make it even. Sometimes I start counting in my head and can't stop. I hoard things and find it hard to throw potentially salvageable trash away without taking it out and putting it in the recycling bin or keeping it neatly in boxes. I get dangerous when people take things of mine or move things around, and get very nervous around people who might borrow something from me. I think disturbing thoughts many times a day, images of burning bodies ect. I haven't found any way to deal.
—Guest KQ

This is CRAZY

Also, when I copy and paste stuff from the internet, i ALWAYS go through it and fix the spelling and grammar mistakes AND on facebook, I always type messages with full stops, commas and all that stuff, because it looks neat..I feel like a freak.
—Guest Chris..Again

This is CRAZY

I am so not normal....I get annoyed just because the apps don't look right on my ipod, like they don't match..how dumb is that?? I also wash my hands every time i touch something that makes my hands feel weird :( And i have this series of books that i had to keep checking on to see if they looked right, because i dropped two of them and the third was all perfect and it really bugged me that they weren't all perfect...I seriously hate this :(
—Guest Chris

Just discovered

I've found out I have OCD and the symptoms are breaking me, I used to play call of duty and ever since I randomly pretend to fire a gun with my hand or randomly act in the bathroom (such as pretending I'm a superhero fighting a monster) I'm 13! I can't help but constantly change the volume on the tv and in can never get thoughts out of my head or get to sleep normally. If I didn't have OCD my speach would be clear as I'm obsessed with speaking quickly and mumbling!
—Guest Sam

From one hand to the other

Whenever I touch something with my right (or left) hand I have to touch it in the same place with the other hand. Sometimes I have to do this more than once to make it even. I blink in 2's or 4's or even 8's. Sometimes I breath like this: up down down up down up up down. just so I have breathed in every way possible (and evenly) . I haven't told anyone about it because I don't know how. I am only 13 and this is annoying me SO much.
—Guest Angel

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