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Readers Respond: Have You Been Affected by Postpartum OCD?

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Updated June 23, 2009

New mothers often experience an array of emotions following the birth of a baby. However, for some woman, the postpartum period can trigger the onset of OCD symptoms. Have your OCD symptoms ever worsened following the birth of a child? If so, how did you cope and how were you treated? Help others learn how you coped.

ocd is explainable

It's not about the chemicals in your body, it's about your thoughts. People don't just "snap" and go from normal to criminally crazy but OCD moms think they can and they are terrified of this. If you have a bad thought about your baby, you just dismiss it but OCD moms are meticulous and are terrified that a bad thought means they are a bad person, so they try to "undo" the bad thought by being extra good but it just makes them doubt themselves more. Stop being afraid and go hang out with your baby a lot. Give them baths, set them in their swing close by while you chop veggies. You won't hurt anyone and people do NOT just *snap* and go crazy. Faulty beliefs cause OCD NOT chemical "imbalances" and drugs do NOT help everyone. In some people they make you even worse.


Actually I developed OCD during my pregnancy, and it just got worse and worse. I became afraid of possible contaminated formula cans, possible infection of disease, and even my sweet Grandma who had a rare disease. I was so scared that my baby would contract it somehow. It became harder and harder to act normal around her, and my new marriage was lacking in a couple of areas. I felt so scared and didn't know why. I consulted psychologists, doctors, and finally found out that my Grandma's illness was hereditary. It took so long to get that answer from a specialist, that I never recovered from that fear as long as my Grandma lived. It drove me to avoidance and excessive cleaning. OCD takes the joy out of living in the moment .

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