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Internet-based CBT May Help OCD Symptoms

By August 9, 2011

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For many people living in rural or remote areas, it is difficult to access mental health professionals  such as clinical psychologists who are experts in the delivery of cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) for OCD.  As such, on-line treatments that can be accessed via the internet are being developed.  A recent study in the journal BMC Psychiatry sought to evaluate the effectiveness of an internet-based CBT program for OCD.  Participants enrolled in the study received a 15-week ICBT program with therapist support consisting of psychoeducation, cognitive restructuring and exposure with response prevention.  At completion of the study, over 60% of participants had a clinically significant improvement and 43% no longer fulfilled the diagnostic criteria of OCD . The treatment also resulted in statistically significant improvements in self-rated OCD symptoms, general functioning and depression.  Although the number of people enrolled in the study was small and a control group was not employed, the results of this investigation are promising and build on a growing literature suggesting that CBT can be delivered effectively via the internet.

August 19, 2011 at 8:26 am
(1) Janet says:

What a great alternative for those who, for whatever reason, do not have access to the appropriate therapy nearby. I wonder how ICBT would compare to results of those using only self-help books to treat their OCD.
These results certainly look promising and I look forward to learning more about this alternative for treating OCD.

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